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Screen Time

Welcome to the October 2013 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Kids and Technology

This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Code Name: Mama and Hobo Mama. This month our participants have written about their families' policies on screen time.

Plenty people in my own generation were raised with a television as a babysitter. Its SO easy! Its so easy to start with just 1 thirty-minute show, then add one more because you need to get ______ done. Then you might start something else since kid is busy, then have to extend their screen time because their show ended before your task. Ugh!

Sasha was having so many meltdowns and I felt a lot of guilt over how much time she was spending in front of a screen. I knew it wasn't healthy and I began to suspect there might even be a connection. So first we just started cutting back. Yes, sometimes she cries (loudly) when she can't watch a show or play a game (she does both on our desktop computer). She often cries when its time to get off the computer. But I've noticed something...

She really doesn't have as many meltdowns as she used to have! I try to limit her to 2 sessions per day. She can have 1 show session and 1 game session. I prefer to limit to 1 hour each, but sometimes we lose track of time. I'd like to get an oven timer for the desk. Yes, we still go over, especially if we're trying to watch a more adult movie. And sometimes she gets extra time if Daddy is super exhausted or has a migraine and I have to go to an appointment. But overall, I feel really good about our limits.

At least she also [physically] plays while at the computer, right?

I keep thinking of creating two big tickets that look like they're made to get into a movie or play. One would be for a show, the other for games. And then she could have something very concrete to show her what she is allowed each day. I don't want to change rules too arbitrarily, that isn't fair to her.

All that said, and I did express that we're not perfect, she can still spend time with her "Lily Pad" (Leap Pad) between computer sessions. Yes, its a screen. She even has a couple of shows on it. But generally, she's moving about an its very interactive. We have not, as of yet, instituted any limits on that piece of technology. Since we've already seen meltdowns mostly disappear, I think we're alright with what we're doing.

Oh, she also watches a little Family Guy (or Cleveland Brown) with Daddy on the big TV before bed. And we often watch Signing Time DVDs in the morning until Daddy gets home! So maybe we're not SO limited, but its still an improvement from when she would spend all day on the computer.

How do you manage kids' time with screens and technology in your home?

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  1. We let Gwen have a show in the morning, so she can relax before school, and a quick 5-10 minute video in the evening before bed. On the weekend sometimes she has a bit more, but we definitely try to limit, and her attitude is one reason.

    1. That is pretty limited! I'm always impressed by families that manage strict (or at least "drastic") limits. I think I'd love to be a TV-free home, but my husband is a movie-junkie, so I don't see it as a possibility at all! We do enjoy TV, but we also managed to ditch the microwave.

  2. I love the idea of having a ticket she can use - what a cute idea for littles!

  3. I agree. I wonder if you could even get them laminated so you could just use the same ones over and over! I might steal that idea from you. We are doing chores for iPad minutes, but I haven't really limited TV at all and I know I need to.

  4. Your post is a great and honest reality of the struggles of limiting screen time. At the end, you wrote "So maybe we're not SO limited, but its still an improvement from when she would spend all day on the computer" I think you acknowledged a key wisdom there, which is that we are all always striving for improvement.
    My daughter is 12 months and I read recommendations that kids under 2 should not have any screen time. Lots of families are able to stick to that, but I think many are not, including my own. If someone were to hold me up to that standard (no screen time), they might conclude that I have failed. Of course, I would disagree. Because I constantly strive to reduce our screen time. It's the effort that counts, right?
    I think it sounds like you are doing great things for your family. Your "ticket" idea (which is fantastic), just shows that you do put alot of thought into your child's screen time and are consciously aware of how it affects her.

  5. I remember when my kids were smaller - the year my son was born my daughter was 3. That winter I felt like we hibernated. I'm sure she watched LOADS of TV and played on the computer a lot. Honestly, it was really hard for me. I remember one week we set a record for not leaving the house - all five work days M-F. But also I got a lot better at being home.

    After that period it was like she was a butterfly coming out of a cocoon. She started wanted to do more things and see more people. It was amazing. She really blossomed that spring - and I've never been as concerned since about our "screen time".

    Keep up the good work mama! The early years are tough. And these issues are never easy to "figure out". Maybe we never do, we just get evolving and growing right along with our kids.

    ps this is Susan from Together Walking - I can't sign in from that account here. This links back to my other blog that I use mostly for pictures!

  6. It's so great that you observed your child and figured out what to do to help her regulate her emotional balance. It sounds like you've got a great system going. I definitely notice differences in intensity and trouble going to sleep if we've been too screen-heavy in a day.

    Love that she calls it a Lily Pad! :)


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