Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shared Hobbies

Welcome to the October edition of the Simply Living Blog Carnival - Enjoyment cohosted by Mandy at Living Peacefully with Children, Laura at Authentic Parenting, Jennifer at True Confessions of a Real Mommy, and Joella at Fine and Fair. This month, we write about what brings joy to our lives. Please check out the links to posts by our other participants at the end of this post.

Hobbies seem to come and go. New things are always exciting, but can get less interesting with time. Shiny things get dusty, as it were. When I had my oldest, I found that I was spending zero time on myself. My father-in-law gave me cash for Christmas and insisted I not spend it on bills. He told me to spend it on myself. I'd been wanting to take up candy making, so that is where every cent went! I got some chocolate molds and melt-its, etc. I had a blast painting chocolates and making different shaped goodies to share. I made candies for some baby showers. It was just so nice to focus on something just for the fun of it! I have since passed along every bit of that equipment.

My ex-husband took up photography and had a very nice camera. Our wife joined him. I felt kind of left out and it looked like a nice hobby. A friend mailed me a nice camera to borrow and loved my photograph so much that she let me keep the camera! We even did a lot of photography-themed date nights. I got really into macro photography, which got me into the garden where I found spiders. Jumping spiders are so cool and cute! That somehow lead to my fascination with tarantulas and I became a "tarantula keeper." At the height of my collection (shared with my new husband), we had 20 tarantulas!

After having Sasha, I stayed up (usually breastfeeding) at night and read blogs, especially Hobo Mama. I originally created this blog mostly so I would have an icon when I commented there! But it took off and I really enjoy writing here. I even created a blog about our tarantulas! Alas, we have since moved into a space where we're not allowed to keep spiders. Most were sold to a breeder, but a friend is keeping a couple specimens for us.

I've wanted to take up geocaching for three years! I already wrote about this new hobby, but I will update to say that I'm still enjoying it. We go out every Sunday, as a family, and "Treasure Hunt." I also try to find at least one geocache every day.

I think the thing I love most about geocaching is sharing it with my family. There is a sense of accomplishment when I find a cache, but I especially love the time we're spending together (outside, away from home).

Do you have hobbies or other things you love? Tell me what you enjoy doing!

Thank you for visiting the Simply Living Blog Carnival cohosted by Mandy at Living Peacefully with Children, Laura at Authentic Parenting, Jennifer at True Confessions of a Real Mommy, and Joella at Fine and Fair. Read about how others are make their lives joyful. We hope you will join us next month!

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