Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mamatography 2013 - Week 41

Day 279 - October 6

We took Sasha to see Krispy Kremes being made and then went Geocaching.

Day 280 - October 7

Daddy sat with Sasha to play with some home made play dough.

Day 281 - October 8

Daddy came along with us to Preschool Story Time this week!
Later, I took Spencer to his Pre-Op appointment.

Day 282 - October 9

I took Spencer for his Photo Shoot for the 2014 DSAT Calendar.
I got some very nice shots of my own during a break.

Day 283 - October 10

I dare you to look at this photo without smiling!

Day 284 - October 11

I have a poison plant rash for the first time ever.
I'm sure Geocaching is to blame.

Day 285 - October 12

The littles, playing on the beanbag together.

mtbadge2This post is part of the Mamatography 2013 Project with Diary of a First Child and Momma Jorje.

We are taking (at least) a photo a day to keep a record of our year. Join us at any point during the year and start sharing your own daily photos!


  1. Spencer ALWAYS makes me smile! The last homemade play doh that I made was chocolate scented...Audrey couldn't stop eating it. :/

    1. Our dough is VERY salty. Spencer had a bite once and then was very upset that he could NOT get it out of his mouth! I've never made scented or flavored play dough, though.


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