Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Minimalist: Clothing Storage

As promised, I'm sharing our minimal clothing storage today! And in true Monday Minimalist fashion, the words are minimal, too.

Sasha's Daddy's Mommy's Spencer's
Socks, Undies & Sleepwear Socks Art Supplies Bras & Bandannas Socks, Undies & Sleepwear
Shirts Pajama Pants Art Supplies Pajama Pants Shirts
Pants & Shorts Thermals & Undies Art Supplies Socks & Undies Pants & Shorts

If it doesn't fit into the drawers, there's too much and I pare down. I think Tyler has more drawer storage than the rest of us, combined. But... she is a teenager. I do insist that her drawers close. If they're too over-stuffed to close, she needs to pare down, too.

Note: We also have hanging clothes. In the travel trailer, Elmo & I shared a 12 inch closet for hanging clothes. We have a lot more than that now, but we're about to have a smaller closet again... not "12 inches" smaller, though!

How much clothing storage do you use?

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