Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mamatography 2014 - Week 6

Day 33 - Sunday - February 2

We've had this strange snow, warm, snow, warm cycle...
this snow just folded right up.

Day 34 - Monday - February 3

Spencer had his Allergist consultation.

Day 35 - Tuesday - February 4

My sweet guys, sleeping in their Gray & Red.
Adorable... just don't mind the background.

Day 36 - Wednesday - February 5

Spencer was so excited to have a play date (with fellow EC families)!
He just didn't know what to think about sharing this toy.

Day 37 - Thursday - February 6

I covered Spencer with a heavy quilt to help him sleep.
He rolled around until he was... gone!

Day 38 - Friday - February 7

Ronni's first commissioned piece, in charcoal on canvas. I'm very proud of him.
Spencer also had his allergy testing.

Day 39 - Saturday - February 8

Post Office run, receiving packages always feels like a holiday!


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