Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mamatography 2014 - Week 8

Day 47 - Sunday - February 16

He likes the new Bistro Table... loves putting his toes up there!

Day 48 - Monday - February 17

Tyler was SO goofy while getting cavities filled.
She was also quite amused with her numb-face.

Day 49 - Tuesday - February 18

Spencer finally got to explore the back yard a bit.
He was SO upset when I took him inside!

Day 50 - Wednesday - February 19

Hubby gave me this as an early birthday present... not thinking about our move and how I'd have to wait to hang it. It is hung now and I love it!!

Day 51 - Thursday - February 20

We finally got to have 2 of our [spider] babies home! Have to get Tiny a larger cage!

Day 52 - Friday - February 21

This was our first [in-home] official Physical
Therapy session with Spencer's new therapist.
She did great! She even involved Sasha!

Day 53 - Saturday - February 22

First Pinata
I was not prepared for how depressing a birthday
party menu can be when gluten is forbidden.


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