Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mamatography 2014 - Week 7

Day 40 - Sunday - February 9

Day 41 - Monday - February 10

The paper on exam tables is one of Spencer's absolute favorite things in the world!

Day 42 - Tuesday - February 11

Sasha gets so bored during Daddy's PT. Good thing we're not going every time.

Day 43 - Wednesday - February 12

You know he's tired when he has to lay down to play.

Day 44 - Thursday - February 13

Kids are crazy. She's watching Signing Time.

Day 45 - Friday - February 14

There is this crazy homemade 3-wheeled car in our now-old neighborhood.
I'm glad I finally got a shot of it before we moved. I swear it opens like a batmobile!

Day 46 - Saturday - February 15

Moving Day!! Sasha already got to play outside and got SO dirty.
Dirt makes my lil hippie daughter happy!


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