Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mamatography 2014 - Week 14

Day 54 - Sunday - March 30

New Bookshelf! the box, anyway.

Day 55 - Monday - March 31

Unschooling Topic of the Day: How are Curbs Made?

Day 56 - Tuesday - April 1

Yes, he did it again. This time he got both feet. No ER this time.

Day 57 - Wednesday - April 2

French Fries at Sushi Happy Hour
That's normal, right?

Day 58 - Thursday - April 3

She was so pleased to finally see the return of her friend, Fly.
(Or, you know, one of his relatives.)

Day 59 - Friday - April 4

I swear he must not actually ingest much of the cookie.

Day 60 - Saturday - April 5

Wearing her new-to-her "Santa Dress" and Marvin hat, cuddling her Easter basket and... napping.


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