Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mamatography 2014 - Week 15

Day 96 - Sunday - April 6

The neighbor's rooster was actually OUT and about!
The girls even went out to get a closer look.

Day 97 - Monday - April 7

Occupational Therapy is Hard Work!

Day 98 - Tuesday - April 8

We really love our new Unschooling Co-Op!

Day 99 - Wednesday - April 9

His feet are healing.

Day 100 - Thursday - April 10

We got [some] new driveway!

Day 101 - Friday - April 11

"washed the spider out"
He plays this song over and over again!

Day 102 - Saturday - April 12

Making S'mores at our casual s'mores party.
Throwing it last minute, instead of sending invites a month ahead, worked very well.


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