Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mamatography 2014 - Week 22

Day 145 - Sunday - May 25

We wound up returning Elsa and coming home with Elsa and Anna.
They're the same species, but put together aren't as big as Elsa was!

Day 146 - Monday - May 26

Just an average day at the Momma Jorje house.

Day 147 - Tuesday - May 27

Hello there!

Day 148 - Wednesday - May 28

Looks like a rough night!
See another photo of Spencer sleeping at
Natural Parents Network's Wordless Wednesday: Dreams

Day 149 - Thursday - May 29

We took the littles Treasure Hunting in the Woods!
We found nothing.

Day 150 - Friday - May 30

This is Daddy's view from the Dental Chair.

Day 151 - Saturday - May 31

Went to a local pet store for hamster tubes and came home with...
a Chilean Tiger Rump Tarantula . His/her name is Ginger.


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