Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mamatography 2014 - Week 24

Day 159 - Sunday - June 8

Geocaching with the Girls

Day 160 - Monday - June 9

What the...?? I forgot we dumped "jack-o-lantern seeds" into the compost bin.

Day 161 - Tuesday - June 10

My #365feministselfie selfie for the day,
taken while watching over Spencer play a xylophone at our Unschooling Co-op.

Day 162 - Wednesday - June 11

I've been working so much on the back (food) garden...
Sasha and I cleared this flower bed and planted a variety of Zinnias.

Day 163 - Thursday - June 12

Spencer has been falling asleep in some odd positions lately...

Day 164 - Friday - June 13

My first bed - cleared.
Edged in urbanite from the driveway replacement work next door.

Day 165 - Saturday - June 14

Who needs a pool??


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