Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mamatography 2014 - Week 27

Day 180 - Sunday - June 29

Day 181 - Monday - June 30

Sensing a theme here?

Day 182 - Tuesday - July 1

Best Learning Adventure for him, ever.
(That is our Unschooling Coop weekly gathering.)

Day 183 - Wednesday - July 2

My tattoo guy (for 20+ years now!) working on my tattoo for that day.

Day 184 - Thursday - July 3

Who knew that Kermit was a Brony??
This little oddity was sitting at the Children's Hospital check-in for lab work.

Day 185 - Friday - July 4

The wonder in her eyes as she watched fireworks go off in our own backyard...

Day 186 - Saturday - July 5

OMG, I got my first tomato! It hasn't ripened yet, but there it is!


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