Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mamatography 2014 - Week 29

Day 194 - Sunday - July 13

For anyone new here, I'm obsessed with sleeping baby pics!

Day 195 - Monday - July 14

Considering her sister and father's dental anxiety,
Sasha did amazing at her appointment!!

Day 196 - Tuesday - July 15

Sasha and her friend, Lauren, off to chase the geese a bit at the zoo...

Day 197 - Wednesday - July 16

I got this armadillo tattoo in honor of my mother.

Day 198 - Thursday - July 17

I got these puzzles out again lately and Spencer is loving them!

Day 199 - Friday - July 18

Spencer usually plays with Ronni while I do Sasha's bedtime routine.

Day 200 - Saturday - July 19

Took all 3 of the younger kids to Horse Awareness Day.
Spencer loved the horses, just like I knew he would!


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