Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mamatography 2014 - Week 26

Day 173 - Sunday - June 22

You'd never really guess there are bright red dreadlocks under that towel, huh?

Day 174 - Monday - June 23

Our first session with Rachel as Spencer's new OT... actually went pretty well!

Day 175 - Tuesday - June 24

Spencer yanked all of this hair out of Sasha's head - in one yank!

Day 176 - Wednesday - June 25

Banana peels placed inside face up absolutely got rid of fleas in our yard!
Looks ridiculous, though, right??

Day 177 - Thursday - June 26

Spencer... needs a little bit of dental work.

Day 178 - Friday - June 27

Spencer had his Cardiology follow up.
It was the first time I saw this (third) tank open for viewing.
He doesn't have to return for AN ENTIRE YEAR!!

Day 179 - Saturday - June 28

I went to see some land on the outskirts of town...


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