Friday, September 19, 2014

DIY Tire Sandbox - for Free

Tires are great for upcycling! I've gathered some for a couple of projects and was ready to re-repurpose one just in time for Sasha's birthday party. I got this particular idea from Suzy Homeschooler.

In case you didn't notice or see it in the photo, there is cardboard under the tire. (This idea comes from my garden.) The corners stick out a little bit. The cardboard helps keep the grass out (for a while, at least) and still drains water out of the dirt. I added some dough shaping toys and a sand shovel (which I knew couldn't handle the dirt I used - it broke).

Spencer was the first to play in the "sandbox." I actually used my garden dirt mix, which includes some top soil and hummus, too. I mix it myself and it was what I had on-hand. I used the very last of it, but I've had it for over a year! I'd think you could literally dig up some dirt from your yard, if you have an area with extra. You could, of course, use sandbox sand.

One of the dads at Sasha's party even spent quite a bit of time rolling this perfect dirt ball. Or three. Don't be afraid to get dirty!

This is what the dirt box looked like the next day. There were plenty of people playing with it. I had to dig our some extra kitchen spoons for digging. Toys became buried treasure... more seats were gathered. I love milk crates!

I was so excited to have completed this backyard play feature in time for the party. And for free! Do you have a favorite backyard upcycle idea?
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