Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mamatography 2014 - Week 36

Day 243 - Sunday - August 31

We found one of the coolest geocaches during our Sunday visitation!

Day 244 - Monday - September 1

Reading a book... about chickens.
Seriously, these 2 are at least as excited as I am about getting chickens!

Day 245 - Tuesday - September 2

We spent four hours at the park, as friends
from our unschooling co-op came and went in cycles.

Day 246 - Wednesday - September 3

3 hours at the mechanic... it could have been much worse!

Day 247 - Thursday - September 4

Spencer's first time to get into the big McDonald's playground.

Day 248 - Friday - September 5

In an effort to improve Spencer's sleep, we're trying some new, tight pajamas.
Except I bought 12 month size and they fit pretty well.
He'll be 3 in December.

Day 249 - Saturday - September 6

Oh, turned out they were 24 month, on a 12 month hanger. Oops.


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