Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mamatography 2014 - Week 38

Day 257 - Sunday - September 14

While out geocaching, the girls also pretended they were riding horses.

Day 258 - Monday - September 15

Our dentist couldn't get the work done, she didn't want the "pinch" (numbing injection). So, we'll have to go see a different dentist that can give her something stronger. But really... they could have gotten off to a better start by not using mint topical numbing gel. Why wouldn't they choose the bubblegum??

Day 259 - Tuesday - September 16

Spencer driving the truck on the playground at the zoo.

Day 260 - Wednesday - September 17

Spencer playing with our favorite librarian, Marie.

Day 261 - Thursday - September 18

This kid...

Day 262 - Friday - September 19

Sasha's first "real" haircut (meaning someone other than me did the cutting)
Our friend was great, and fast! Sasha needed to go play with her daughter.

Day 263 - Saturday - September 20

Ronni got to have Carnival Epsilon perform at his Sweet 16!


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