Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mamatography 2014 - Week 37

Day 250 - Sunday - September 7

My friendly neighbor is a contractor. He came over to "help" me build a chicken coop from pallets. (Don't worry, there will be posts dedicated to this project!) He was showing Sasha pictures of his granddaughter.

Day 251 - Monday - September 8

I threw together a teepee with some tall bamboo and a heavy sheet... its a little rough.

Day 252 - Tuesday - September 9

I lead a small group from our Unschooling Co-op through the
Underground Tunnels in our downtown area.
This was one of the buildings connected by the tunnels.
Gorgeous architecture! Not very "green," though.

Day 253 - Wednesday - September 10

"Um... is the paint gluten free?"
"OMG, stop eating the paint! OK, we're done."

Day 254 - Thursday - September 11

We took the girls geocaching during out weekday visitation.
We love "yard caches."

Day 255 - Friday - September 12

Sasha & Daddy playing with her new Ranch toys
while we did volunteer work at Samantha's school.

Day 256 - Saturday - September 13

Sasha's Fifth Birthday Party!


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