Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mamatography 2014 - Week 47

Day 320 - Sunday - November 16

Playing with Winter weather apparel.

Day 321 - Monday - November 17

I finally got my little denim curtain installed for one nesting box.

Day 322 - Tuesday - November 18

It does not get much cuter!

Day 323 - Wednesday - November 19

I finally got a couple of safety gates and got this put together.
I wish we had done this last year! No more burns for Spencer!

Day 324 - Thursday - November 20


Day 325 - Friday - November 21

Mud is the sweetest! I could write a post all about her.
She and Spencer share a love of horses.
She inscribed her childhood horse book and gave it to Spencer.

Day 326 - Saturday - November 22

Plumbing is disgusting work.
I rented a manual snake (sink auger) and fixed this problem myself!
Of course, once I got the pipes apart I realized all I needed was a hanger!


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