Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Spencer's Morning Adventures: Making Tea

I spent too much time last Monday cleaning my roommate's coffee pot (it had mold in it!). It needed done. The pot, basket, etc. were in the dishwasher overnight.
Knowing about our Sleep / Wake Routine for 2023 will help make sense of this post.

Last Tuesday morning Spencer woke me up to ask for help cleaning up a mess he made while "making tea."
overflowing cup of milk sitting in coffee maker

Then when I insisted he help clean it up, he yelled at me and slammed his bedroom door. While cleaning up, I also discovered he had gotten out some tempera paints and used my "Mongolian drinking bowl" and a baking pan for paint. And a regular drinking cup for paint water. Which he had spilled along the way.
paint in silver bowl and square baking dish

He did eventually pitch in a bit with the clean up of the tea mess. He was also very apologetic.

His leash got shortened. I brought the living room baby gate back into the house and reinstalled it that night.

He knows the rule, "don't go in the kitchen without an adult." I'm super thankful he didn't pour the drink into the coffee maker and incredibly thankful he didn't turn it on!!
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