Friday, January 26, 2024

Spencer's Morning Adventures: Final Straw

Last Friday, Spencer's morning adventures reached their peak.

He trashed my desk, found these keys, put on my hat and... left.

keys and pill bottle attached to carabiner on a desk surfaceThese keys go to locks we're not even using and the pill bottle is empty.

He went outside (no jacket, despite the freezing weather here) and tried to get in my car. When that didn't work, he tried to get into the van that lives in our driveway. He also brought our trash can part way up the driveway. Thankfully it had already been emptied. Then I guess he hung out on the front porch for a bit before coming inside and coming to tell me of his adventures. The sound of him closing the front door is what woke me up.

A friend's son delivering some furniture last Summer messed up our front door and it hasn't hung straight since. Because of that, I haven't been able to use our slide-lock. I couldn't install a lock at the top of the door until I got it fixed, either.

Ultimately, this meant that Spencer lost solo morning living room privileges entirely. Perhaps this was the "this too shall pass" for me... getting to sleep late. Our routine has been, Spencer wakes up, I get his morning meds for him along with his tablet and the remote to his TV, then I go back to bed for a while. A short while later (once his meds have kicked in), he wakes me to let him out to the bathroom and the living room.

I'm a night owl and often work late at night, but until this past year, always got up with him anyway. At least after the first bit of time he spends in his room. But this adventure was the last day of those kinds of mornings. At least I had to be up at a decent hour the next day anyway.

If you read this far, you get a cookie. I'm just processing how fucking scary this was. Tuesday's Tea was one thing - he could have turned on the coffee maker. But Friday he tried to LEAVE. His plan was to DRIVE. Considering he didn't know those weren't car keys, I don't imagine he would actually know how to start a car, but he might figure it out.

I managed to not beat myself up too bad. This has been a morning system that has been working for us for months. But this marked time for a change again. His diet has been shifting again, too. He's going through puberty, so I guess it's just a full season of change right now. If we could shift out of transition struggles, though, that'd be greaaaaat.

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