Thursday, January 25, 2024

Spencer's Morning Adventures: Morning Workout

In last Thursdays's morning adventures...

Spencer is not loving having access cut off to the dining / kitchen in the morning. As shown by him grabbing what he can reach through his door to the dining room (also gated). Today he pulled a folding table OVER his baby gate. 😶

Folding table leaning on wall next to small trampolineFolding Table... in the wrong room

He also got into the drawers right outside his room, which do have kid activities in them, but are meant to be done at a table or under SOME supervision. He broke some busy bag activities, nothing valuable. We managed to find every single bead (there were a set number in the bag), but it meant a deep clean of his room, even under his bed. Then I even pulled his bed out and vacuumed... it was a whole ass project first thing in the morning that I had NOT planned for today. He had also lost a piece to Yahtzee Jr, so I needed to find that, too.

Not a huge mess, but there's 60 beads there, too.

** A few of you may recognize the busy bag stuff, since that's from a swap we did when mine were babies and you're still here. **

On today's agenda, we planned to go to a friend's so I could replace the flame sensor in her furnace. Spencer had been looking forward to it all day. And yet, when it was time to go, he refused. 😕 Transitions, y'all. They are a bitch.

We did, of course, make it out of the house. I try not to take it personally. But then I saw a "This, too, shall pass" sign someone put on an overpass and it did make me cry just a little.

Then transitions back out from our friend's house were also hard. And then accepting that it would be bedtime when we got home (even though he was asking for a pillow in the car because he was tired).

I'd like to add, though, that I feel really good about how I handled things this morning.

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