Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Surf: Mostly Food & Friends

I'm fighting off some sort of sick and Sasha seems to be swept up in it already. So far we're doing alright, though. Here are the links I found worth sharing this week:

  • We've just been faced with lice on our toddler. I was really crushed at first and I'm working on a blog post all about the experience, but it will take a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I found this great site: The National Pediculosis Association®, Inc. Chemical treatments aren't approved for children under 2 and I am not sure I'd choose that route anyway. The NPA is supportive of using comb-out only and offers a lot of great info.

  • I'm just not quite sure what I think of this one. NPR did a piece on how Big Babies Helped Shape Early Human Societies. However, they talk about how our babies are (and have been for so long) SO big that we needed a village to raise a child, saying
    "The whole expression that it takes a village is in part rooted in the fact that we have really big infants that are pretty helpless," he says. "If we wanted to get anything done, we have to hand them off."
    What do you other Attachment Parents think of that theory?

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  • Muffin Tin Monday looks like a fun, healthy idea for feeding little ones. It is a weekly link up all about serving healthy food to kids using muffin pans or liners. I like how this kind of mixes the idea of a Bento Lunch and a Monkey Platter. Okay it really is just another take on Monkey Platters, but I'm tying it in with Bento because I like Bento. So sue me.

  • I have a good friend that rocks the kitchen. She is posting a recipe every Friday and plans to add relevant articles along the way as well. I love her budget cooking approach and she has a good sense of humor, too. So... if you can't afford anything but potatoes this week, she has your fix. Sound like help you could use? Check out DragonTamer's Recipe Weekly.

  • Speaking of cooking, Tara posted a new article on Sustainable Baby Steps about choosing Cast Iron Cookware: The Eco-Friendly Choice. The article provides the whys and hows. I've always been a bit intimidated by the idea of using cast iron cookware, but now I've added cast iron skillet to my next grocery list. We use non-stick junk that gets scratched. We use it beyond when we really should, then we toss it. Meanwhile cast iron lasts for generations and (did you know??) it is non-stick after you season it!

  • I have another great cooking friend, go figure because I don't consider myself to be too much of a wiz in the kitchen. Anyway, Byn also has a food blog going. This one, however, is about clean eating. She is posting recipes every day that she is actually using in her home with her family. She tries to include pictures with all of her posts, too. Check out 365 Days of Clean Eating. So far, she doesn't think clean eating is raising her food budget.

  • I have yet another friend (really! I promise!) with a couple of really bright, funny, homeschooled boys. She also happens to be great in the kitchen and loves to use the Crock Pot. Anyway, her older boy took video of his younger brother doing a goofy dance in an attempt to embarrass him. Fail. The little brother loves it and I'm trying to help it go viral! It IS a cute video:
It occurs to me that every one of these blogs I linked involves homeschooling families. I homeschooled Ronni through third grade and was somewhat involved in the local homeschooling community back then. I've been friends with most of these women since then.
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