Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: New Kitchen?

1992 Shasta KitchenMaybe this will be our next Kitchen!

1992 Shasta DiningI can't wait to have a view like this out OUR dining room!


  1. Life on the road sounds very exciting and romantic to me, and every now and then my 4yo daughter will say something like, "you know mama, if we had a school bus we could put a kitchen inside and live there!"

    I guess it's never too early to start dreaming big. :)

  2. I would LOVE to spend a year (or more) traveling around RVing. I think now would be the prefect time for it since my daughter is still a toddler but oh the bills, the house, the cars, the jobs.

  3. @Michelle: What a clever girl! :-D

    @halfwaycrunchy: (Nice name, btw!) I have bills and rent and cars and a job. Check out the book on my sidebar... I learned that none of that stuff is set in stone.

    I got rid of 1 car, reducing insurance and car payments. I moved into a smaller space to save money, but still waiting out our lease.

    More plans in the works! There was a time when I didn't think it was possible for me, either.

  4. I would LOVE a kitchen & dining room like that. I am going to be so inspired by your journey. Thanks for sharing about it. And you're so right, that nothing is set in stone. We have to keep reminding ourselves that we can do unusual things like live on the road if we really want to. Besides living in an RV, one of our dreams is to live in a houseboat, and one is to live in England for several months. And I believe at least one of those will happen!

    I will add your linky to the list — I'm behind in updating. :) And my internet was out earlier, but finally I'm back on!

  5. Nothing netter than a new kitchen. I designed my entire house around my kitchen. I love her *sigh*

  6. I SO loved living on the road... and having a new 'nature inspired' front yard nearly every week. It was the most awesome thing to wake up and have deer and raccoons running around in the morning!


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