Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Surf: Sunday Surf

I don't think I've read many new links this week, but here is what I found to share:

  • I think I found this link to Mama Mo's Attached at the Nip on a Sunday Surf last weekend. I can so relate to what other bloggers have said regarding the freedom our children have at home vs. the battle when we take them to see relatives. (Yes, this is still from the holidays, but other visits, too.) Mama Mo tells us how to Set yourself up to succeed by choosing to home-proof your child rather than child proof your home. (Have lots of stuff accessible and LET your child explore, even if it isn't toys.) It is what we have done here and it works for us, though visiting family is always exhausting.

  • I don't drink straight tap water. I don't know how much my Brita filter actually filters out, but I will say this: I have always felt that adding chemicals to our water (namely: fluoride) is a fishy practice. The idea of the government deciding such a big thing for the public is, honestly, scary to me. Well, Kelly (from posted to her FB how she felt vindicated about her own choices against fluoride when she read this article from the Associated Press: US Says Too Much Fluoride Causing Splotchy Teeth.

  • Since I haven't read much new stuff this week, I'm also going to share with you some other blogs that do Sunday Surf. And I'll confess, I totally stole this list right off Hobo Mama (which is who got me started doing this blog, Wordless Wednesdays, and Sunday Surfs). So yeah, she should be the first blog I link here:
    I had not yet visited most of those before today. And now... I think I'm going to have to go back to several of them, read more of what they offer, and add some of them to my blog list! Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the link :-) I am just starting to learn about fluoride in water, and it's disconcerting to say the least. I'll have to check out that article...

  2. We used to use brita for the same reason. Problem is, it doesn't filter fluoride, I checked their website and they claim it's good for us! We now bring our gallon jugs to whole foods and buy reverse osmosis treated water for 39 cents a gallon. The only way to get pure water is through reverse osmosis or distilling it. Ahhh the joys of not being able to trust something as simple as tap water. I enjoy reading your blog by the way!

  3. Thanks Skye! As for the filtration...

    I was getting 5 gallon bottles of Spring Water and renting a dispenser for hot & cold. However, in our attempts to downsize on stuff as well as bills, it went. The pitchers seemed a good, travel-ready alternative. I may just have to deal with a little fluoride... I don't know. I'll be giving that some thought.

    I need a good, cheap way to travel and have water to drink.


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