Monday, January 31, 2011

February Thankful Challenge

A friend of mine posted (in a couple of forums, actually) about her February Thankful Challenge. It is a challenge she has given her (homeschooled) children and it is a great exercise in positive thinking. In fact, some negativity from her children is what started the challenge so many years ago.

Each day this month, post (in whatever forum you choose) three things you like about yourself (though on FB I believe she is just doing one) plus three things for which you are thankful. I plan to do this in my online journal and thought I'd share it with you here... since February is a few minutes away!

hand mirrorMirror, mirror...

My Day 1: I have always loved my height. This may sound shallow, but I think 5'8" is perfect... at least for me.

  1. I am thankful for the health of my children.

  2. I am thankful for the support of my husband, no matter how crazy the scheme!

  3. I am thankful for internet community, especially of like-minded moms.
What makes you grateful? And, more importantly, what do you like about yourself?
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