Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: In Our Tiny Apartment

Sasha SleepingThe view from my kitchen in our tiny apartment.

Sasha NursingStill going strong at 16 months!

Glider ChairOne last sit in the glider before we passed it along.
It won't fit in a travel trailer.


  1. Your baby girl is beautiful! And congrats on still going strong with BFing at 18 months...that is a great accomplishment!

    Thanks for visiting and linking up! Happy WW!

  2. She is too cute! Congrats on still breastfeeding. I agree, what an accomplishment!

  3. She is so sweet! I add my congratulations. Breast is best :) My first went 19mo and my 2nd went 2.5 years!

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. OMfreakingG. That sleeping photo is so adorable I melted just a little. What wonderful photos!

  5. Just a beauty! sweet face :) thanks for stopping & linking up. I heard that Hawaii was suppose to get snow, but up in the mountains... winter is sure mean this year! hugs, Faythe @GMT~

  6. Good on you! I breastfed my second one until she's 3 years and 4 months. It was not always easy, but I'm so glad I did it that long.

  7. Last night I was reading another blog about a mama who lives in an RV and I wondered if you followed her:

    Cute pictures!

  8. Sorry I'm so behind! I love the pictures. That face! That hair! Too cute. Glad to hear the paring down is still going along nicely. You can come start on our place next…


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