Saturday, February 26, 2011

Life after Lice

Sasha loves this wind-up bear Gran bought for her. It plays the Teddy Bear Picnic song. When we discovered the lice, all of her stuffed / soft toys went into a plastic bag and were set aside. Out of sight, out of mind.

Sasha on Teddy BearSasha, asleep on her Teddy Bear
November 2010

Today I finally grabbed a toy out of the bag for her today. I wound up the bear and set it up against Ronni's bed. Sasha was so excited to see it! I left her playing with it. A few minutes later, she brought it (and Daddy's Elmo she recently got off a shelf) to me. She wanted all of them in my lap and promptly nursed to sleep cuddling with the two of them.

Sasha with Teddy BearSasha, sleeping with Elmo & Teddy Bear
February 2011

I'm so glad her life can become more normal now. I thought she might have totally forgotten about the toys in the bag, but she did NOT forget about this bear!

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