Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Surf: Some History

We have been snowed in pretty much all week. You'd think I would have found the end of the internet, right? Well I really didn't, though at times it felt like it. I've been putting most of my online energy into a new website project and my usual social networking sites. I have, however, stumbled upon some new stuff and been inspired to dig up some old bookmarks as well. I think you'll find something that intrigues and / or amuses you here.

  • Becoming SarahCode Name: Mama shared (on FB, I believe) a link to this article on Becoming Sarah that had me cracking up! It is one of those horribly embarrassing tales that you appreciate the victim sharing. Go relate to her, if you've ever been as embarrassed as her! Sarah Fartypants strikes again. Kills all within smelling distance.

  • I have always wanted to try my hand at sculptures. There for a while I had a box of Plaster of Paris in my closet and intended to make a wire frame of something and then cover it. That same box sat, unopened, and got moved a few times before finally getting donated to Goodwill some 15 or so years later! This site has some very cool new ideas for sculpture that anyone can do and the materials should be inexpensive, too. Tape

    You can also go here for the site of the creator of He has done some crazy, cool things with the technique. Mark Jenkins

  • My husband loves French Toast. He is also crazy about peanut butter and puts it on his French Toast. Back in August, my mother forwarded me a "Daily Dish" recipe for Peanut Butter French Toast. I bookmarked it in my toolbar and intended to make it... at some point. Well today, after being snowed in all week and getting tired of cooking any of my "regular" stuff, I finally made this dish! It is SO yummy! Hubby still thinks it needs to be topped with peanut butter, though! I'm so glad my Sasha can eat PB now! Peanut Butter French Toast

  • I'm sure I got this last one from someone on FB, too, though I have forgotten the exact source. I've decided I need to start noting that when I bookmark cool sites for Sunday Surf. This one needs a little warning with it, though. I am sure lots of you have (or want) Mommy Calling Cards. I know Hobo Mama showed some cool ones and even I want some. I used to have calling cards for just my ex-husband and I. They had our names and email addresses on them, then we'd write our phone number on the back if we gave them to someone that we wanted to have that info. (We were a bit more protective of that contact info.)

    Anyway, this is a very funny article about how ridiculous such things are, but there are a bunch of amusingly offensive cards suggested in the article, too! I would SO do some of these myself!

    Please enjoy Lesson Ten: You Shouldn't Even Need a Business Card to Go to the Damn Park.

Thanks for Surfing my Sunday. I hope you laughed and maybe even learned about something new! Come back next week for more links!
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