Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Roseola

skin-to-skin to battle feverSkin-to-skin has been the best solution for Sasha's fevers
soothing, and brings the temp down

Roseola rash starting from scalpSasha's Roseola rash began on her scalp and moved forward

Roseola Rash SpreadingRash Spreading (bad pic)
it is on her chest here

Roseola Rash on BackRoseola rash spread to her back

Words: The rash didn't itch and passed quickly.


  1. Awww.... poor baby! Glad to hear it passed quickly!

  2. Oh, poor thing! Thanks for sharing what the rash looks like, though. I've wondered about roseola. Glad you're able to soothe her through the illness.

    Visiting from Hobo Mama and Natural Parents Network!

  3. Poor baby! Glad to hear it passed quickly! How long did it take all in all? Interesting to hear about skin-to-skin for reducing fever. We put apple cider vinegar on socks, and then put those on to reduce fever. That works like a charm!

  4. I believe it was 2½-3 days of fever, then about the same for the rash. It might have been 1 extra day before the rash was gone. I couldn't believe how fast it came, spread and went!

    And I know it sounds crazy for fevers, but I *love* it! She wants to be held when she feels crummy anyway. I've even seen it suggested that it works both ways. So if Mommy is sick (with fever), more baby wearing! Maybe there really is something to that desire to be coddled when ill. It could be our bodies saying we should be held close.

  5. It wasn't roseola since that rash starts on your chest or belly and moves out to the extremities.


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