Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Minimalist: Careful what ya toss!

One of the hardest parts of downsizing your junk is the emotional attachment and sentimental value we assign to stuff. This is why we tend to say that our stuff owns us, rather than owning our stuff. Once you begin to look at things in a different light, you can re-evaluate their value.

Not everything loses value, though! I have 3 non-stick skillets. I want to get a cast iron skillet that has not been pre-seasoned, but I haven't made it to a store that carries them yet. So for now, I have to 3 non-stick skillets. And I think they're hand-me-downs. I really shouldn't even be using them. One is small which is great for a grilled sandwich or scrambling some eggs for my family. Another (this one new when I got it) is deep and wide, great for hamburger / pasta dishes that have to simmer, covered. The third was a very wide, but shallow skillet. It has scratches. So, on a whim, I recently tossed it. No point in donating it, so it didn't go into my Goodwill bag. It went directly into the garbage and, soon after, out to the dumpster.

A couple days later, I realized... it was my French Toast pan! I had totally forgotten. This was the only skillet that could hold 4 pieces of bread (or even 4 grilled sandwiches) at once. Crap! I will survive without it, but we like to eat French Toast fairly often. I haven't made French Toast since we lost the pan.

Birthday Breakfast ~ French ToastSasha's First Birthday Breakfast
French Toast, Scrambled Eggs, & Sausage

My point? Just as I have my Goodwill bag set aside for things I suddenly choose to take out of rotation - it still sits there for a few days (or a week) before it goes away. So, should I have a "maybe toss this in 2 days" pile? That is a tough one. I've gotten fairly ruthless with my minimizing, so I don't think I want to do that. Hopefully I've learned my lesson with my beloved French Toast skillet.

Perhaps if you (or I!) choose to toss something that does get regular usage, stop and think about the value. Think about why and when you use it before you toss it. And if you do lose something that had more value than you realized, I assure you: You will survive without it.
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