Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Eggs!

Easter 2010 ~ SashaSasha's First Easter ~ 2010
I did the dying ~ she hardly noticed.

Easter 2011 ~ SashaSasha's First Easter Dying ~ 2011
It starts off neat enough...

Easter 2011 ~ Sashabut soon enough it becomes a hands-on activity!

Easter 2011 ~ SashaYou see that dye-dipped hand?
And yet still clutching Sonya Lee!
Sasha looks so intent.

Easter 2011 ~ SashaDespite double (and triple!) dipping, the eggs came out very pretty!

Easter 2011 ~ TylerTyler took a much cleaner, more scientific approach.
Still, all the girls (including 2 cousins) had a blast!


  1. That looks great! I am still washing the easter egg colors off chairs, kitchen cabinets, the bathroom floor... NEVER AGAIN :)

  2. hehehe We had some "hands on" egg dipping this weekend too. Fortunately we were all outside so teh damage was minimal.

  3. those are great photos! They'll be fun to look back on. Everything is better "hands on", isn't it?

  4. This looks like so much fun! I think it will be fun to do next Easter with Jac :-)

  5. What fun! I hadn't celebrated Easter for years up until this one, when I really enjoyed myself. And now that I've learned about the pagan roots of the holiday, I actually have a reason to celebrate, hurrah! We'll be dying eggs next year, methinks.


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