Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Eggs!

Easter 2010 ~ SashaSasha's First Easter ~ 2010
I did the dying ~ she hardly noticed.

Easter 2011 ~ SashaSasha's First Easter Dying ~ 2011
It starts off neat enough...

Easter 2011 ~ Sashabut soon enough it becomes a hands-on activity!

Easter 2011 ~ SashaYou see that dye-dipped hand?
And yet still clutching Sonya Lee!
Sasha looks so intent.

Easter 2011 ~ SashaDespite double (and triple!) dipping, the eggs came out very pretty!

Easter 2011 ~ RonniRonni took a much cleaner, more scientific approach.
Still, all the kids (including 2 cousins) had a blast!
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