Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Surf: Mostly Breastfeeding Stuff + Some Gems

The links seem to be plenty for this week, no extra intro necessary!

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  • Have you ever tasted your own breastmilk? Have you tried it in your coffee? I've tasted it, years ago, and don't recall specifics other than thinking it was perhaps a little sweeter than regular milk. I wish I had thought to ask Ronni what it tasted like, in his words, when he was old enough to talk and was still nursing. Well Stefanie of Adventures in Babywearing thought to ask! Such a sweet exchange (and short, too, if you're looking for a quick read). Straight from the mouths of babes!

  • If you're not familiar with HM4HB, you might want to check them out! That is Human Milk 4 Human Babies, by the way. So if you should, for some reason, need milk or have some extra milk, this is where to go. I remember being disappointed that there were no milk banks in my state. This service simply connects people. No tests to take, just mothers sharing with babies in need.

  • I've submitted for the next Carnival of Breastfeeding and found a post from last month I wanted to share with you. It is about Breastfeeding and Race: South Africa. Best quote ever:

    Your baby might be white on the outside – but on the inside, she is an African.

    I wish more white babies (as well as all races!) were breastfed and slept close to their mothers and were held / worn much more than they tend to be.

  • Meredith Barth of Authentic Parenting has written one of those parenting posts that really gives you pause. She tells us The Most Effective Tool you’ve Never Used to Tame your Temper. It is absolutely genius and I so appreciate her sharing it!

  • From the "news that makes me ill" department comes the story of a mother who lost her baby for three years (so far!) due to refusing to sign pre-consent for a cesarean.

  • Has your child ever told you that they didn't love you? I distinctly recall the note my daughter wrote me when she was about 10 years old in which she said “I hate you Momma.” Ouch! As Michelle of The Parent Vortex reminds us in I Don’t Love You, Mama, is so important that we let them know how much we love them, even when they think they don't love us. My daughter did later apologize.

    Watercolor of Paris by MrsBynwatercolor based on digital photo at top
    Credit: MrsByn

  • Mothers & Fathers Days (what IS the right way to say them both?) are right around the corner! Have you thought of something wonderful yet? A dear friend of mine is trying to raise money to take her family from Oklahoma to Los Angeles, California on bicycles. That is her, her husband, and 4 of their children, the youngest of whom is 10 years old. If you're interested in following their preparations and journey, you can find them on Fit & Healthy at 40. What I really wanted to share, however, is her new Etsy shop! She is a very talented artist is doing custom watercolor portraits at a very reasonable price. She also has paintings of celebrities.

    Audrey Hepburn watercolor by MrsBynAudrey Hepburn, classic beauty!
    Credit: MrsByn
I hope you found plenty to interest you here this week. You are sure to find more great links from HoboMama.
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