Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Surf: Funny, Free & Shocking

Oh my goodness, I found so much funny stuff to share with you this week! To jump right in, I'd like to share this YouTube video of Talking Twin Babies. There are several in the series, but this is the first I found and it is so friggin' funny! It will brighten your day, I promise!

And now on to some straight up links. First, more funny stuff!

  • I discovered a new web comic and picked out the perfect strip to share with you while I was reading through some archives. Besides, I love the comic title, Zombie Mom Comics!

  • Have you seen Texts from Last Night? It is... crude, to say the least. I'm not linking it here, but you can search for it if you're interested. Along that same vein, though, is a more family friendly version: When Parents Text. Most of them are from parents to their college kids, but not all. Some of them are very cute.

How about a couple shocking links about ads now? Or is it links about shocking ads?

  • Live Love Grow writes about the moment you've been waiting for. She makes some great points showing how ridiculous the ad truly is.

  • Gender Neutrality has been on my mind a bit lately. Have you read all the hoopla over the JC Crew ad? The Creative Director is pictured with her young son... with pink toenails. <gasp!> It was first shown to me on ABC News / Health, but the link is very unstable and I never did get the 2nd page of the article to load. This one did seem to mention the most outrage, though. You can also read about it at Fox News / National Interest. Or just Google jc crew ad pink.

  • Then we have A Ten-Year-Old’s Rant To "Boys Around The World". I was impressed with this little girl's writing, although I think she should have said something about the girls in the catalog. (It fits under this shocking ads category because it is about catalog ads AND gender neutrality!)

And some useful stuff:

  • I got this link in an email, so I'm not sure it will work for others (someone please confirm!), but Our365 has joined with Shutterfly to offer a free 7x9 photo book for Mother's Day.

  • Earlier this week, Minimalist Mom posted about the walkability of her current neighborhood as compared to her new neighborhood. Did you know you can check the walkability of an area before you move / buy? The site she shared is called Walk Score. We live on the edge of town and even the closest grocery is a mile away. So our Walk Score is 9. Sounds great, right?! No, that isn't 9 out of 10, that is 9 out of 100! I would LOVE to hear how your neighborhood ranks and whether you walk or drive for most errands.
And finally, an awesome and fun post over at Peaceful Parenting: And just because I now feel the need to close with another video, here is Sasha with the Pink Mini Cooper my brother sent for her a few days ago.

Have a great week! Oh, and don't forget to tell me how walkable YOUR neighborhood is and whether you actually walk it!


  1. Our walk score says 58, but there were few things listed in the overview list that weren't quite right. I tried to submit updates but they weren't going through.
    We regularily walk to the library, the park, the community center. If Eloise gets in to the school we want then we can walk there, too (granted, it's four blocks straight up stairs! lol). So, not a great neighborhood for walking to things, but not impossible. And we are two blocks from the bus line.

  2. lol it wouldn't even pull up information for where I live. It brought up a place with a similar name but not even in the same state as what I live in. Tried it several times with same result. Pretty sure my score would have to be around what you got or worse though... I do live on a back-road in the middle of the country that is off of a back-road in the middle of the country that you have to travel a back road to get to.... lol
    Loved your links, they were a lot of fun. : )


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