Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Minimalist: Safe Minimizing

After I recently tossed an important skillet, I've tried to pause before taking any items out of rotation that are actually getting used. I still want to get rid of more stuff, but I'm trying to be a tiny bit more... cautious about it.

When I first moved out (of the house I'd owned for several years, leaving almost everything behind), I carefully picked out and purchased 4 fluffy towels in 2 shades I liked. I felt that it was a good start to my new home. I also got 2 washcloths and 2 hand towels to match. Then my boyfriend (now husband) moved in with me and brought 1 beach towel. Then Sasha came along and we received 1 hooded baby towel.

About a year later, my brother also went through a divorce and offered me 6 fluffy towels (and a couple washcloths, too). I hesitantly accepted. They've been worked into rotation and get plenty of use. I don't know that we really use more than 4 towels, though. (We re-use our towels that have only been used to dry our clean bodies.) I recently decided I wanted to thin down that laundry basket. We keep the towels in the basket, folded, all the time.

Of course, the main towels I want to keep are the ones that I picked for myself. I also want to keep the beach towel for occasional pool trips (generally just Sasha and myself). We also use the hooded baby towel with Sasha, I'm not ready for it to go. That leaves the towels from my brother.

Sasha in Hooded TowelSasha likes a towel to stay wrapped around her,
without holding onto it.
The hooded towel works great for this!
Here she is, asleep after playing wrapped in the towel.

"What if we really need more than 4 towels," I worried. I bagged that set of towels and washcloths into a bag of their own and placed it in the same area with the Goodwill stuff. We'll have a test run without them. Meanwhile, I mentioned to a friend that I might have some extra towels. He would love to have them! I like to support Goodwill, but if I can find a new home for something where I already know it will get used, I love to do that!

So the towels are saved back for him and he knows we're on a test run without them. His two daughters love to play mermaid in the bath, so he would appreciate extra towels. I'm pretty sure we'll be fine. I know we would have survived if I'd gotten rid of the towels right away. I think we're mostly just waiting to see our friend again, since he lives a few towns over from us.

Are you holding anything back, afraid to let it go ~ in case you find you need it? What will it take to get you over that "what if" hump?


  1. We have about 35 towels and still can rarely find a clean one when we need one. They're all hand me downs from people and we use them until they disintegrate and then we use them for mopping up the floor/cleaning the car and whatnot. Of course we're trying to thin down stuff around here, too, but I'm not sure I'll get rid of extra towels any time soon. I hate doing laundry:)

  2. I have the opposite issue. I LOVE throwing things away. The only things I refuse to get rid of are gifts given to me by deceased relatives. Aside from that I chuck it. It just feels soooo good.

  3. Good idea to have a "temporary holds" area, and also to work on simplifying. I struggle with holding on to things "in case".

    So I am hesitant to even bring this up (don't want to make you second guess!) but the first thing that popped into my head was what do you do for kid stomach bugs? Seriously, we go through literally 10+ towels in a day when the kids get sick. I line the beds with them, the couch, the floor, anywhere they sit. Just curious if you have some other option, haha!

  4. @Kristen ~ Honestly, that hasn't been a problem so far. My oldest is only here part time and if she was THAT sick, probably would stay home. And my youngest is still in diapers.

    You've almost got me worried, but considering we're planning to live in a Travel Trailer, I think we'll be fine. :-)

    So no, unfortunately I have no magic answer for you... just avoid bugs! lol


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