Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Consistent and Loving Care

Image short descriptionWe had a friend visit for several days recently. He also provides consistent and loving care whenever he is here.

Visit Natural Parents Network Be sure to check out another photo of Sasha and other Consistent and Loving Care photos at NPN's Wordless Wednesday!


  1. The nosey me wonders what was on the computer : ) lol

  2. lol ~ I get so nosey, too! It was probably Facebook, actually. :-)

  3. Whatever was on that screen must have been magical! It's very rare to see a little one sitting so still - especially when there are lots of neat buttons to push and see what happens withing arm's reach!

  4. @Alicia ~ Oh this was just a couple of seconds. I also got shots of her on the other side of him stretching and walking on the couch. :-)

  5. So cute! Computers are endlessly fascinating to our little, too, but he's usually going for the buttons. :)

    Visiting from Natural Parents Network!

  6. Sasha looks so very serious — and so very cute.


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