Friday, July 15, 2011

Board Book Review: Almost Bedtime

I am not familiar with eebee's adventures at all. I picked out Almost Bedtime: A Night-night Adventure because it looked colorful and fun sitting in one of the bins of board books at our local library branch. It has quickly become an absolute favorite in our house! We've renewed it a few times and it is currently overdue because I couldn't find it on library day!

There isn't so much a cadence to the story, but it is very predictable with almost every page having a "no" answer regarding whether baby is ready for bed (and what the baby is actually doing). Sasha has great fun answering each question! In fact, she has even started pretending to read the questions, too! She now pretends to read just about anything and everything!

The book is colorful and cute. I was disappointed to find that our library doesn't have any other of eebee's adventures! This one is one of the newer ones, but it looks like there are nine so far, including soft books and perhaps a bath book. I've requested that the library get more of them.
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