Friday, July 22, 2011

Pet Names

No, I'm not (currently) looking for name ideas for tarantulas. All 15 of them have names. I just keep noticing that we still call Sasha "Baby." A lot. I wouldn't see that as an issue at all, except... we have another baby on the way. I feel like it would be wise to "wean" her to a new pet name (or term of endearment, if you prefer) before the new baby arrives.

Though I've had 3 children over time, I've never had one so little at home as to be called "Baby" when a new baby arrived. I want the transition to big sister / not the baby of the house to go as smoothly for Sasha as possible. But what terms of endearment do you use for a toddler?

No, really, I'm asking. I know a lot of you have multiple small children. Did you find yourself in a similar situation? What did you call your older child when they were no longer the baby?


  1. When Piper was born I started calling Heidi 'Heidi Munchkin' and Piper 'Piper Pumpkin.' I also made up a song. Awesome, I know.

    I call them all sorts of things I shouldn't call them...Sweet Pea, Punkin' Punkin', Sweetie Pie, Cutie know...all those stereotypical girl names. :)

  2. I have no good answer for you. I tend to call our boys "Mister" or "Meester." Just after Alrik's birth, Mikko came up to me and I said my standard line of, "Who's my favorite boy!" And Sam pointed out to me that such a sentence was now outdated…oh, well! Old habits and all that.

  3. Funny, I was just telling the husband last night that we need to phase out "baby" because I'd like to be pregnant again before too terribly long and we don't want anyone feeling displaced by a "new" baby.

    I usually go with "pumpkin," which has been shortened lately to "punky," or "sugar."

  4. P.S. Far from feeling displaced, Mikko refuses to let me call him "baby" anymore, informing me daily that he's a big boy. (I tell him he'll always be my baby, but he's unconvinced.) Not sure if Sasha will be at that stage yet, though! Don't girls mature faster? ;)

  5. I am such a big dork when it comes to pet names, I have to confess I refer to my son as a pet name more frequently than I use his proper name. He's got a ton, mostly involving the "schmoo" sound, for instance SchmoopyBoy, Schmoopy-Schmoo, and Mr. Schmoo are the most frequent in current rotation.

  6. tarantulas? yikes!
    I had this same problem; I still called my 2 yr old 'baby' when his baby sister was born. I tried to switch to a new nickname but nothing stuck! So now I call hum 'baby' and the real baby 'little baby'. A couple of times I called him 'big baby' but then thats insulting so it didn't feel right!

  7. Come to think of it, I do have other pet names for Sasha: Star Shine (I called Tyler Sunshine), sweetheart, etc.

    And Melissa! I hadn't even *though* of just calling the new baby "little baby!" Thank you!


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