Friday, July 22, 2011

Pet Names

No, I'm not (currently) looking for name ideas for tarantulas. All 15 of them have names. I just keep noticing that we still call Sasha "Baby." A lot. I wouldn't see that as an issue at all, except... we have another baby on the way. I feel like it would be wise to "wean" her to a new pet name (or term of endearment, if you prefer) before the new baby arrives.

Though I've had 3 children over time, I've never had one so little at home as to be called "Baby" when a new baby arrived. I want the transition to big sister / not the baby of the house to go as smoothly for Sasha as possible. But what terms of endearment do you use for a toddler?

No, really, I'm asking. I know a lot of you have multiple small children. Did you find yourself in a similar situation? What did you call your older child when they were no longer the baby?
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