Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Surf: K?

I've been having... a weekend of clarity? loss of fatigue? I haven't been as tired this weekend and even more shocking... I've felt motivated! In the absence of our slaves my daughter and our house guest, I've actually been getting the dishes processed. And today while Sasha napped I finally got started on a cleaning project! Admittedly, I've still been spending a lot of time at the computer, but still... I'm pleased for progress!

On to some links!

  • I'm of the mind that babies slowly build their Vitamin K supply. I see no reason for the medical industry to give it to them all at once as newborns! The only reason Tyler got the shot was because she was born in a federally funded hospital. They required it. Check out this much-needed update on vitamin K prophylaxis (from the Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services in the UK) for some validation if you feel the same. It may also serve you well if you find a need to argue your beliefs with your hospital.

    Sad SashaSad Sasha
    April 2011

  • Hobo Mama had a great post up on Monday about becoming comfortable with crying. The idea is that sometimes children simply need a good cry. I know I do! It is actually a physiological need in human beings. I've gone to the video store and asked for "a good tear jerker." They were happy to assist!

    The only thing upon which I seemed to get stuck is that once you've made sure you've met all possible needs, you just be with the child while they cry. I get this, I do. But I had also read some great (I feel) advice about tantrums. When Sasha is upset, I pat / rub her back and tell her that I understand she is upset / mad / frustrated because _________________. I get the idea that this is the same general point, but I also think that this is supplying a fix, of sorts. I'm not necessarily trying to get her to stop crying (though that is nice, too). I'm just being present with her while she is dealing with intense emotions. I think this is the same idea.

    Anyway, go check out Hobo Mama's article and absolutely adorable photos of a crying Mikko. I don't know why such photos are so cute other than the way they tug at the heartstrings. The first photo there is absolutely adorable!

  • Now how about some satire? Check out Hospital Birth, Hospital Sex: Something To Think About and Funny Too! (from MommySalad) for a good laugh and possibly good material if you're having to argue with a loved one about your birthing choices.

More motivated! That's it! As evidence, I've caught TWO of Sasha's pees in the potty today. That is a major upswing for us. Our EC practices really "crapped out" after my knee surgery last year.

What great sites have you found lately?

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