Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Surf

With no older kids in the household this week, it felt like the weekend that would never end. It was a bit odd, actually, especially since we're playing the waiting game until our upcoming level 2 ultrasound / amniocentesis appointment. Speaking of which, the anxiety level regarding that appointment has risen exponentially with each passing day. They even called and asked me to reschedule for 2 more weeks out! NO! We're going this Thursday.

In the meantime, please enjoy these links.

  • I'm really interested in Placenta Encapsulation. I'm pregnant. I had PPD after one of my births. I've read that ingesting your placenta can make a huge difference in how you feel in the postpartum weeks. And then, like magic, Authentic Parenting published Everything You Want to Know About Placenta Encapsulation!

  • During my second pregnancy, I was told that I was "borderline-borderline diabetic." Yeah, I said borderline twice. It was just close enough that they gave me a glucometer and told me to watch my carb intake. My preggo hormonal brain then stood in the middle of the grocery and absolutely bawled, saying that I couldn't eat anything anymore.

    During my third pregnancy, I was officially diagnosed as having Gestational Diabetes. I immediately borrowed a glucometer and got a lot of support from my diabetic mother. We had my blood sugar under control immediately! Then I went to see the specialist and she used a bunch of friggin' scare tactics. The stress of it threw my levels out of whack! I did hear some good news, though, my doc's nurse said that (contrary to popular belief) having GD did NOT mean that you would have it during every pregnancy. Coolio! The diabetes disappeared after Sasha was born.

    Here I am in my third pregnancy and found it strange to be taking a 1 hour glucose test at my first appointment! However, that turned into a 3 hour test. I failed both and was diagnosed as diabetic. The medical staff has been unclear as to whether I'll be diabetic forever or just the duration of my pregnancy. When I finally got an A1C, the results were very normal. They do not reflect diabetes at all. I'm baffled. So I manage my blood sugar and hope it will go away when this baby is born!

    All that complicated junk to share this link with you. If you are / have been diabetic or had gestational diabetes or are pregnant or have any interest in the topic at all, you should totally read this page! It is a bit scientific and dry, but includes some amazing information! Some of it might help you "pass" your own tests. Some of it might convince you to decline even taking a glucose test. I found it fascinating, even though it is such a dry read. I still don't feel like I full understand my own case and doubt I will know for sure until baby is born.

  • Do you let your kid get boo-boos? Or are you a helicopter parent? Peaceful Parenting published an article titled Cuts, Scrapes, and Owies...A Recipe for a Good Childhood. I am finding it a lot easier in my old age to give my daughter space to explore, even if that means owies. When my older daughter was little... I think I was a little more of a helicopter parent. How about you?
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