Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Cloth Practice

Cloth AttemptDug out the supplies I had and attempted Cloth Diapering... been 20 years!

Loose DiaperLookin' a little loose!
But check out the Tie Dye!

Tie DyperBetter?
BTW - these are the size & shape of prefolds, but with no extra layers.

not a fanShe did not like this one!
See how she had been tugging at it?

Cloth to DisposableReady for a disposable.
I haven't given up yet!
Besides, she still peed in the cloth diapers.


  1. I love the tie dyed prefold. I need to do this! Fabulous idea, Jorje!

  2. I've been planning to do some tie-dyeing, too, but keep on getting distracted. Thanks for the reminder,


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