Friday, March 2, 2012

I Hate You

We all lose patience, I know its true. And these days, society uses the term hate so willy-nilly. Shoot, if someone tells me they're having a fancy cupcake I might tell them I hate them. At the very least, I might say "I hate you right now."

So then what happens when we're losing patience? (Note: All this happened after Sasha claimed to be ready for bed and nursed for about 3 minutes.) Sasha says she wants a bite. OK. She hasn't been eating very well so I'm happy to oblige. I want to help her find something, anything that she'll eat... aside from more junk food / snacks.

What do you want to eat? She shows me the chair where he booster seat usually sits. No, that is not food. What do you want to eat? "Puppy Dog" What do you want to eat?

Peanut butter? She answers in high pitched barks. "Yes please or No thank you?" She does not want peanut butter. We finally agree on yogurt. Yay! Now we're getting somewhere! I show her blueberry and strawberry / banana. Which yogurt do you want? She wants the puppy dog (stuffed animal) to have the blueberry and she'll have the strawberry / banana. I finally get her to understand that she can have one or the other and she chooses blueberry.

1yo Sasha with YogurtSasha (11 mo) enjoying Yogurt

Alright! We're good! We go all the way to the other end of the house, into our living space and she has a bite of blueberry yogurt. When I offer a second bite, she announces that she wants strawberry / banana. The first thought that springs to mind? "I hate you."

I know that if I don't follow her out of our room, she'll get loud. Daddy and Brother are both asleep in our room. I don't want to encourage her to do this with foods, but I also want her to eat! I also do not want her to wake our boys. So... she leads me to the refrigerator. I get her new yogurt, pausing to put the other one in a bowl to save for another time. "I hate you right now."

There was a time, when she was less understanding, that I might have said this out loud. I don't hate her. Ever. But I do get frustrated. Oh boy do I get frustrated!

And you know what? She still only ate one bite of the strawberry / banana yogurt, too.

What thoughts aren't you sharing with your kids? Or is your filter turned off?
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