Friday, March 23, 2012

Night Weaning - Week 2 of 3

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Night 8

Sasha was asleep by about 9:15. She woke shortly before midnight. It didn't take long to settle her back down to sleep. She woke up again at 2. Then she slept through to 7:30. She asked nicely for milk... and the sun was up... I caved. I hoped she might go back to sleep, so I felt like I shouldn't cave. I felt pretty awful because I said no the day before at the exact same time. But then she didn't go back to sleep... so it really was good morning milk, even though we didn't call it that.

Night 9

Sasha had a nap! At about 3:30 in the afternoon. She asked for night night milk by 11, but was wide-eyed through nursing for about 10 minutes. She wound up sitting at the head of her bed and falling asleep, holding her bear. She was asleep by 11:30.

She woke up within half an hour, crying. She just sat there and cried. She finally started to come to me, but then went to her potty instead. She sat there and cried. She wouldn't tell me what was wrong or what she needed and what words she was willing to say I couldn't understand. I finally just picked her up and she laid her head on my shoulder where she apparently went right back to sleep. She didn't even fuss when I laid her back in her bed.

I think she woke up around 2... but she peed and went back to sleep so fast I only barely remember it. There was a little wiggling and fussing in her sleep around the time Daddy went to work, but she slept through to 7:30!

Night 10

Sasha went down for a nap by about noon! Admittedly, we got out & about earlier than usual. She begged for milk for a while before she finally went down. (I'm having milk supply issues, so I was putting her off.) She went to sleep for the night around 11:15, but I think she could have gone down earlier. When I put her into her bed (asleep), she started to say she was scared. I told her I'd snuggle her in just a minute, I'd be right back. The "be right back" line works wonders!

I thought surely Daddy woke her when he left for work before 4. He made a noise with our bedroom doorknob and she whimpered, but she stayed asleep. Then she whimpered again when I started the breastpump at 5. She wriggled around a little...

She started really fussing in her sleep at 5:15. I picked her up and set her on her potty. I think she dozed off while she peed - a lot. I scooped her up and put her back into bed. She pulled the "I scared" again. I told her I'd be right back in just a second. I stepped across the room and she started fussing with an "Ow!" I went back and stroked her her for a minute and she was out! This one literally lasted like 5 minutes, including the potty break!

It took her a while, but she did wake up. Crying. For milk. I got her into bed with me and snuggled with her until she went back to sleep. She slept the rest of the night.

Night 11

Sasha might have napped if we had been at home. Instead, we got to wrangle our way through an interview at the local Social Security office with a fussy, nap-deprived 2-year-old. Joy! She claimed to be ready for bed sooner, but actually went to bed at 10.

Daddy entertaining the toddlerDaddy did all he could to keep Sasha entertained while we tended to some business at the SS office.

I crawled into bed at 11:15 and Sasha woke up 30 minutes later. She used to wake up 20 minutes after I went to bed, no matter what time it was or how long after she'd gone to sleep. I do not know how that happens!

She woke up again at 2:45 and took forever (an hour) to get back to sleep! I didn't get enough sleep the night before, so this was rough. I finally got her back to sleep by cuddling her in our bed, I just had to wait for Daddy's alarm to wake him shortly before 4 o'clock.

Spencer woke at 6:30 and Sasha was right up against me in the bed. I scooted her over so I could have space to move and that woke her up... for the day because I couldn't handle her otherwise. She took a very early nap... more like going back to bed.

Night 12

Sasha went to sleep at about 10 after a no-nap day. I've been letting her nurse more often, but I don't have much milk. (I'm hoping her nursing will help with supply. It should.) She still seems to think she has to claim nap time or bed time to get milk half the time.

I crawled into bed at 11:15. Sasha woke me 30 minutes later. She woke up again after about another half hour of sleep. She felt cold - naked under window - so I covered her with a large comforter. She stays under bigger blankets better.

I don't think she woke again until she was able to come into bed with me (after 4). She snuggled and played with my hair until we fell back asleep.

Night 13

Sasha had a long nap today, though thankfully it didn't start late. Then I was deep into scanning photos and let her and Ronni both stay up late. I nursed her and put her to bed around 12:45 or so, but she laid and talked with her teddy bear for a while. She fell asleep by 1:00, on her own.

I think the sound of the breast pump disturbs her slumber. She mumbled and rolled over within 5 minutes of starting it at 4:15. Thankfully, she didn't fully wake! She did finally wake up at 6:15, which is such an outrageously huge improvement over 2 weeks ago! But then hubby woke up and he woke up Spencer. Ugh. I can only get one baby to sleep at a time. It took over an hour to get Sasha down. Then Spencer and I wound up just dozing off and on for a while.

Night 14

Sasha napped around 2:30 after a rough morning and staying up way too late the night before. She slept hard and for a good while. I tried nursing her to sleep (at her request) around 10:15 and again (at my suggestion) around 11:15. My nipple was tired and irritated. Ugh. But she was still awake when I put her into her bed. She wanted to nurse again by midnight. This time I informed her she could only have 5 minutes. She was still awake when I put her to bed, but much closer to sleep this time. She did settle in to sleep on her own from there, even with a comforter over her!

Spencer woke at 2:30 and I really thought Sasha was to follow soon after. She fussed a bit (several times) in her sleep, but settled. She didn't wake until after 4! She nearly woke around 6:30? (I don't recall the time.) Daddy snuggled her teddy bear up to her and she stayed asleep! I'll have to keep that trick in mind...

Have you night weaned any children? What were your reasons?

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