Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spencer's Heart Plus

We had our follow-up with the cardiologist today. The ultrasound portion takes nearly half an hour. Then an EKG and some other vitals. Then we wait for the doctor to review the information, visit with Spencer, and then he leaves us to wait a few more minutes.

He was very impressed with how attentive and strong Spencer is. He said we are very lucky and it looks like Spencer will have a high IQ. (I assume he meant "for a child with DS.")

He called Spencer's pediatrician while we were waiting. He hears a stridor when Spencer breathes. Also, his pulmonary hypertension has gotten worse and they don't know why. They put their heads together and are going to be sending us for some other tests. We need to find the cause for the hypertension, so we go back again in 3 weeks.

In better news, Spencer's right ventricle has started to shrink down, which is normal and a good sign. I didn't realize it was enlarged. We really do like our pediatrician and our cardiologist. It was amazing that he called right then. Spencer will be sent for another type of swallow study with an ENT specialist (to see if something is causing the stridor) and we're supposed to share a chest x-ray with the cardiologist if they do one there.

Some small part of me wants to freak out and cry about these new unknowns. For the most part, I'm taking it in stride. We'll tackle each issue as they present themselves. Healthy vibes welcome!
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