Friday, April 13, 2012

Born at Home Toys

I happen to be lucky enough to stumble into a friendship with the couple that created Born at Home Toys. Rebekah is co-editor with me on Natural Parents Network for Wordless Wednesday.

Rebekah and her family came to town to meet me in person for my baby shower last year when I was pregnant with Spencer. It was so great to meet in person, but it was also a busy event so I didn't get to chat much with them. I did notice, however, that their family is peaceful. They simply have an aura of peace.

They brought me my first diaper cover and a package of new hemp inserts. They also brought Spencer a set of Sun and Moon Maple Teethers. Spencer just started teething so I thought to get these out for him. They are very lightweight, so he has no trouble holding them at all. They are beautiful pieces! Sasha ran off with them, though, because she loves them too!

I got the opportunity to get to know Chris, Rebekah and their children a little better at the vacation weekend with volunteers from Natural Parents Network. (You can see their post about the event here.) Chris and Rebekah also have a blog called Liberated Family. They offer some great, peaceful advice on sustainability, cooking, and family life.

Rebekah and her family came to town to meet Spencer and visit with us this week. Rebekah made a lovely little stuffed toy with upcycled fabric. It is a great thickness for Spencer's little hands and perfectly safe for him to stick into his mouth. They also brought a special gift for Sasha...

I have been wanting to get her this Happy on the Farm Animal Set since I first saw them! They are so very cool! As a bonus, these things smell amazing! Ronni said they "smell like happiness!" They just smell so natural and good. Sasha did not let go of the cow and the horse all night!

If ever you'd like some non-plastic, non-violent, imagination-encouraging, non-gender specific, natural toys for someone you love, please think of Born at Home Toys. This peaceful family makes awesome products!
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