Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Minimalist: Tiny Space

If you've been following long, you know I'm always fascinated by people that design or engineer very small living space. This week I have a link for you that is a slightly different take than usual. This guy designs small, portable sleeping space, but it isn't living space. These things don't have kitchens and such, but they're more meant for taking to events and sleeping in a structure more sturdy, secure and comfortable than a tent.

Here, you'll understand so much better if you just go check out this article from DailyMail UK.

They're called "Eco Friendly Micro Houses" and they're made from household junk! My dad (and his dad) was well known for taking scraps from job sites to reuse on other job sites or for his own stuff. He built a tiny cabin to have on-location at a place we used to camp regularly. My grandfather reused the wood from an old skating rink to floor his home!

What is the best or most creative way you've seen materials reused?

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