Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Minimalist: Easter

A few years ago, a friend picked up this adorable Easter basket for our daughter:

This year was her third Easter and she is still using this basket. I was really wishing I had dug our Easter stuff out sooner this year. I thinned down our eggs. Also, my oldest is a teenager now so she got a giant chocolate rabbit - no more eggs. I set aside 28 eggs, 1 bucket + plastic grass to donate. If I'd done it sooner, someone could have gotten use out of it this year.

I kept 30 eggs and even then split them in half. Sasha got 15 eggs and next year I'll split the 30 between her and Spencer. It was so tempting to purchase the metallic eggs I saw, but we obviously had more than we needed.

Does it seem weird to store Easter stuff? It isn't really any different than storing stockings for Giftmas. In fact, you could even set baskets out the night before Easter in the same style. Make your own traditions. They shouldn't include wasting materials.

Do you save Easter stuff from year to year?

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