Friday, December 2, 2011

Boba Carrier Review & Giveaway!

Awhile back I was looking through baby carriers online. I stumbled upon Boba. They make wraps and carriers, both. There was one thing that immediately jumped out at me about their carrier, something that made them stand apart from all the other carriers I've seen: patent-pending removable foot straps. I wrote to Boba and requested to be considered for review and hopefully a giveaway for my readers.

My Boba Carrier arrived very quickly! The packaging was nice, very professional. There were some inserts, brochures and the like. The largest of which (glossy, by the way), I suspected to be a catalog. Think again. It was an instruction manual complete with step by step photographs to accompany the details. It is written in several (8) languages.

My first time to try the carrier, I decided to load my toddler into a front carry position. She is just under 30 pounds. You can use the Boba Carrier as a front carrier from 15-30 pounds. The 8 step directions were easy to follow and I was able to load my daughter in without assistance, even pregnant! (NOTE: There is also a Newborn Hold meant for babies between 7-15 pounds.) Sasha enjoyed snuggling with me in the carrier. I got help installing the foot straps (I forgot to install them before wearing the carrier). It was a little odd wiggling my daughter's feet into the straps on the first go, but I later adjusted their length and have since had an easier time using them. They install on sliders, so it is very easy to adjust how far back or forward they are related to your child's comfort.

Sasha in a Boba CarrierSasha in our Boba Carrier,
headed out for an Autumn walk.

Next I wanted to try the back carry (appropriate from 20-45 pounds). I got help for my first attempt. It was very easy to adjust the straps to get the most comfortable fit. I was able to buckle the waist strap high on my belly (since I'm so very pregnant). Speaking of the buckle, that is one thing I love about this carrier! No ties, yet the straps are easy enough to adjust so that you can share the carrier. The buckles are heavy duty (military grade). I never felt my child was at any risk in the carrier. Sasha loved being carried on my back!

Sasha seems to like the foot straps. (You should base your own use of them on your child's comfort.) She likes to rest her hands on the straps unless she is playing with toys or sticks. She also likes to tuck them into my collar to warm them (at my original suggestion).

It only took one or two tries to feel like I'd mastered the back carry, including loading Sasha onto my back myself. My teenager became antsy to try the carrier, too! Next up was the husband, though. And off we went for groceries. There are a variety of patterns and solids so you can choose something that your husband would wear, if that is an issue for you & yours.

Daddy wearing Sasha in the Boba CarrierDaddy wearing Sasha in our Boba Carrier
in the grocery store.

Her boots were a bit clunky to bother messing with the foot straps and she didn't seem to mind being worn without them. She was a bit snug to his back for eating a cookie, but perfectly snug for snuggles. That is one thing I've enjoyed very much about the carrier. Sasha can lie her head on my back and I can even lean my head back and nuzzle her.

I did finally assist Tyler to load Sasha on her back. As you can see, the girls are happy with it! We even went for a family walk in the night air. Both the girls enjoyed the walk with the carrier.

Tyler wears Sasha in Boba CarrierTyler wearing Sasha in our Boba Carrier
for a family walk in the night air.
NOTE: Boba foot straps are intended for use with shoes.

Sometimes Sasha does lose patience with being in the carrier, but such is the whim of a 2 year old. Sometimes she just wants to walk!

Mind you, I have a hiking backpack, a ring sling, a mei tai, and a few other slings. Most of them tire my back or shoulders right away. I can't make it comfortably though an entire grocery run wearing any one of my other carriers. This one is different. Sasha felt very secure on my back and I never felt that I was carrying her weight more with one muscle than another. The straps are wide and comfortable, too. My pregnant belly does itch under the buckle by the time I remove it, but I think that has more to do with the pregnant than the buckle.

This carrier has some other really cool features, including a strap holder ON the strap. So, if you need or want to carry a purse or diaper bag while you're wearing your baby, your bag won't slide off your shoulder at all! There are elastic bands at the ends of each strap so you can roll up the excess and then hold it all together. I didn't figure this out right away on my own. There is a sleeping hood that can double for privacy when nursing in the carrier. The carrier also has a zipper pocket to store this hood. It actually has 3 pockets!

Enter for your chance to win a Boba Baby Carrier, a Boba Baby Wrap or a Boba Travel Pack! All products can be seen at With Boba products it is easier than ever to enjoy Freedom Together as a family and Boba wants YOU to get a chance to use their products. To enter to win, “Like” them on Facebook and for an additional two entries, follow them on Twitter.

Disclosure: I received a free Boba Carrier for review.
I only seek out products that I believe will be of interest to my readers.
If I don't like a product, I won't be recommending it to you.

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