Thursday, May 9, 2013

Monster Smoothie

Welcome to the Festival of Food Carnival. This month, we celebrate foods with kid-appeal!  Hosted by Diary of a First Child and Hybrid Rasta Mama, you're welcome to join us next time, or if you have a previously published recipe you'd like to share, add it to the linky below.

This is my variation on a recipe my mother originally found in the local paper. I think children can help with most recipes if we just let them. I often have a hard time with the patience for it, but it is so worth the effort! This one is easy because its just a matter of throwing ingredients into the bowl (or blender pitcher) and the amounts are really flexible.

2-3 Cups of spinach
I don't know about you, but I have no idea how much to cram spinach into a cup to measure it. So... I just use a LOT of spinach!

Approx 1 Cup strawberries (I use frozen) & Approx 1 Cup of juice (whatever flavor)

2 Tblsp Agave or Honey (more or less, to taste)

A chopped banana - use more if its your favorite. Sometimes I use frozen.

Now blend. This might be the parent-only part, depending on your kids and kitchen tools.
You will probably have to add water to have enough liquid.

It may take a while. If you're using an immersion blender like me, I've found its quicker to chop the spinach in advance. I haven't tried frozen spinach yet.

Now, if you make this recipe the way that I make this recipe (very flexible and adding extra of stuff), it makes a lot of Monster Smoothie.

If your kid hesitates to ingest green things, try what I did - call it a Monster Smoothie, even referencing Elmo or The Grouch. This piqued my preschooler's interest.

Since we blended ours in a bowl, this particular day we grabbed 3 straws and shared it in the floor! It was silly and fun.

We all love our Monster Smoothies!

How would you adjust this recipe for your family?

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  1. That's fab! I also add blueberries often, because they make it PINK and PINK smoothies get drunk here A LOT more readily than green smoothies! :) Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I would adjust it by putting it in three separate cups, because if we all drank out of the same one, we'd all have to go to a psychiatrist immediately to get over it. I almost had to take a Xanax just looking at the picture, lol. If my family were dying in the desert with just one bottle of water, only the person who drank first would survive because everyone else would refuse to drink after them. You know how we are.

  3. yum! it looks like a gorgeous salad before you blended it up! i love green smoothies- i think i will try it just like it is! i may not add the sweetener- i find that bananas make smoothies sweet enough for me! :) thanks for the recipe! i love the name- and the idea of sharing it out of a bowl!! :) fun and delicious!

  4. Green smoothies are my favorite! Such a great and delicious way to get in veggies ;) The last picture is great!

    1. Thanks! We had so much fun huddled around that bowl! Oh man, and we slurped up every last bit!


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