Friday, May 31, 2013

More on the Locks...

I went to DreadHeadHQ and ordered their Lock Sculpta (like was used on my dreads in my last post) and Loose Hair Tool. I wish I had watched each of the videos first, I might have realized that the Loose Hair Tool is too big for my locks. I may wind up ordering the Small Loose Hair Tool, but for now the Lock Sculpta is kicking butt.

I can't explain the "How To" any better than their own videos, so...

Another about how to use the Lock Sculpta to pull loose hairs back into the dreadlock:

But how well is it working for me? Well I started out thinking I might get 1 lock done per day. Then I got about 5 done while we drove around on Mother's Day! The tool will definitely make your thumb sore and I saw how it tore right through the skin on my Loctician's thumb. Still, here is a before / after shot of my own:

Momma Jorje: Loose DreadlockMomma Jorje: Tightened up Dreadlock
← Before ... ... After →

Yes, my roots still need work. And yes, that is a nasty bruise on my forehead. It is unrelated, I assure you.

I carry the Lock Sculpta with me in my bag. I work on my locks when I'm watching videos or movies at home. I work on them in line at the grocery store and even at traffic lights! It actually got kind of addictive! I should take some pics to show the tips, too. The Loose Hair Tool is supposed to be good for blunting tips, but since it was too big I've been using the Lock Sculpta for that job, too. It is totally working, but I bet it would be easier with the Small Loose Hair Tool. I've also discovered another dreadlock site and they make an Extended Microneedle. Its cheaper and looks like it would work, too!

Do you have a favorite hair tool? Did you have any idea dreadlocks could be so much work? Some choose to take a neglect route to dread their hair. That route is probably less work, but definitely requires more patience!
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